Murphy Reunion Photo

One of my favorite family photos.  The Murphy family in Youngstown, Ohio 1955.  Let me know if I have misidentified someone.
1. Patty Ann Gallagher
2. Margaret Arnaut
3. Owen W Gallagher
4. Mildred Elaine Murphy
5. Unknown
6. Unknown -possible friend of Mildred Elaine Murphy
7. Edward Murphy
8. Mildred Whitacre
9. Robert Lee Updegraff
10. Katherine Irene Murphy
11. Leo Arnaut
12. Margaret Ruth Arnaut
13. Margaret Beake
14. Terrence Arnaut
15. William James Arnaut
16. Ruth Louise Haney
17. Cheryl Arnaut
18. Virgil Leonhart
19. Delores Jean Murphy
20. Dennis Wellington
21. Margaret Murphy
22. Charles Wigton
23. Sharon Lynn Arnaut
24. Margaret Richards
25. Daniel Charles Updegraff
26. Elizabeth Lou Updegraff
27. Pearl Murphy
28. Barbara Lynn Updegraff
29. Elizabeth Murphy
30. Diane Kathy Gallagher
31. Dennis Murphy
32. William Arnaut (Leo Arnaut & Margaret Beake’s son)
33. Robert Lee Updegraff, Jr.
34. William Arnaut (William James Arnaut & Ruth Louise Haney’s son)
35. Lottie Ann Leonhart

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