Stossier-Pirolt family album

Valentin Stossier’s Parents and Unknown Females (Wels, Austria)

1.  Valentin Stossier was born 21 January 1867 in Pörtschach, Austria to Johann Baptiste Stossier and Katharina Widmann.  Valentin was a businessman and entrepreneur.  In 1918 he developed a new type of hydraulic fruit press and founded the company Stossier Pressen.  Valentin married Maria Pröll on 20 February 1898.  He died in Pörtschach, Austria on 17 September 1933.  His wife was born 30 October 1869 and died 7 September 1940.  Maria’s sister Juliane Pröll-Feicht died the same week on 2 September 1940.  Valentin and Maria had four children: Johanni, Maria, Johann, and Hedwig.

1.1.  Johanni “Hanni” Stossier was born 24 October 1896 in Pörtschach, Austria and died at a young age on 21 February 1933, leaving 5 children.  Her husband, Thomas Tomantschger, was born 11 July 1890 and died 8 July 1992. He remarried twice after Hanni passed away.

1.1.1. Anna Elizabeth “Putzi” Tomantschger
1.1.2. Ernst Tomanschger
1.1.3. Gerda Tomanschger
1.1.4.  Hans Tomanschger
1.1.5.  Thomas Tomanschger 

1.2.  Maria “Mizzi” Stossier was born 1900 in Pörtschach, Austria.  She married to Ferdinand Pacher.  Mizzi died 3 April 1994.  She had one son.

1.2.1.  Ferdinand “Feri” Pacher born in 1923 and died in 2004. 

1.3.  Johann “Hans” Stossier was born in 1903 and was married to Johanna (maiden name unknown).  Johann served on the Pörtschach city council from 1954 to 1970 and was also the commander of the volunteer fire guard.  He died 15 August 1983.

1.3.1.  Valentin Stossier 
1.3.2.  Hedwig “Hedi” Stossier was born in 1938 and was married to Günter Gassler.  Hedi died 20 December 2006.  Günter Gassler was born in 1939 and died in 2011.

1.4.  Hedwig Franziska Stossier (Oma) was born in Pörtschach, Austria on 15 September 1908.  She married Johann Pirolt (Opa) on 2 May 1935.  Johann was born 31 August 1906 in Zosen, Austria to Kilian Pirolt and Juliana (maiden name unknown).  Johann had 4 brothers; only one brother’s name is currently known: Franz Pirolt, who died in 1944 at Monte Cassino, Italy.  Johann worked in agriculture as a teen and then at age 21 he graduated from the Gendarme Cadet School in Klagenfurt.  He served many years with the Austrian Bundesgendarmerie (Austrian Federal Police, currently known as the Bundespolizei).  He died 13 September 1981 in Pörtschach.  Hedwig took pride in her good health, especially into old age; she went swimming every day (except for when the lake was frozen) until the age of 93.  She also enjoyed walking her dog Rexi every evening.  Hedwig died 11 November 2001 and is buried in Pörtschach.  Johann and Hedwig had two children.

1.4.1.  Ingrid “Inge” Pirolt Manfred Moser married to Karin and lives in Germany. Maximilian Moser  Gabbi Moser married Dietmar Zangerle.  Nicholas Zangerle  DagmarMini” Stefula 

1.4.2.  Hans Pirolt  Andre Pirolt lives in Germany.  Rene Pirolt lives in Colorado.  Katie Pirolt married to John McCombs, lives in metro DC.


Pörtschach Coat of Arms

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  1. Hi Katie, I just stumbled across your blog. I am from Austria and I am not sure, if you know that the Church Books for Pörtschach are online (for free) at
    The following (long) link should lead to the entry of birth of your ancestor Valentin Stossier (written there as Stoßier)!
    Hope that helps with your research! Best regards,

      1. Hi! Zosen is included in the records of Hüttenberg and those are also online. I cannot send you a direct link, but if you go to and choose AT Österreich / Austria, then AT-DG Gurk, then H-K and then Hüttenberg in the left menu and then click on “Liste der Bände der Gemeinde Hüttenberg” you should see all available books. (It sounds complicated, but I hope it works!) And I hope, you’ll find your ancestors!

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