Harry Murphy and the Photo Mystery

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the discovery of a brother to my 2nd great grandfather, the elusive James Joseph Murphy.  This brother, Harry Murphy, had immigrated a couple years after his parents and siblings to Sharon, Pennsylvania.  The only way I found out about him is because my great grand aunt had his […]

Who is this?

I had this photo labeled as James Joseph Murphy, but I’m starting to think this may be someone else.  James J Murphy died in 1917 at 36 years old.  This man looks a little older, don’t ya think?  To give some comparison, the photo on the right is actually James J Murphy. The hair part […]

Murphy Reunion Photo

One of my favorite family photos.  The Murphy family in Youngstown, Ohio 1955.  Let me know if I have misidentified someone. 1. Patty Ann Gallagher 2. Margaret Arnaut 3. Owen W Gallagher 4. Mildred Elaine Murphy 5. Unknown 6. Unknown -possible friend of Mildred Elaine Murphy 7. Edward Murphy 8. Mildred Whitacre 9. Robert Lee […]