Family Photo Album

Hello!  I’m just getting back to civilization after a very busy work week/weekend and am desperately trying to manage my “flourishing” genealogy to-do list.

First things first, do something with the growing collection of family photos.  Thanks to family members that have posted photos to Facebook and a recent trip to my parent’s house, I now have quite a collection of old family photos.  So that everyone may browse freely, I’ve created a flickr account that can be viewed here.  Once on the flickr page, you can select specific photo albums or browse through all of them together.

I still have many more photos to add so please keep checking back!

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  1. Chuck Morello

    I was married to Harry Letons adopted grandaughter, The picture of Barbara with the car is Harry’s son Bobs wife. I still see Betsy and Bobs brother which is Harry’s son is still alive and well. I’m pretty sure Murphy was connected to Harry, my ex knows the whole family!
    Small world!!!

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