Edward Murphy was born in Ireland around 1811.  He married Martha Quinn and moved to Wales where they had five children: Sarah, William, Mary, Edward, and Martha. The family moved around Wales for the next twenty years in the areas of Monmouthshire and Glamorgan; their movements and locations were closely tied the rise and fall of various iron works in the region.  In 1861, the Murphy family was living in Durham, England and working at the Witton Park Ironworks, about 300 miles north of their last residence in Wales.

Martha (Quinn) Murphy died January 1881 and her husband, Edward Murphy died April 1891, both in Auckland, Durham, England.

Edward and Martha’s son, William Murphy was born December 1839 in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales.  He married his wife, Catherine Aspery on 4 April 1870 at Saint Wilfred’s Church in Auckland, Durham, England. Catherine was the daughter of Henry John Aspery and Sarah Perchase (many various spellings), both from England. William Murphy and Catherine Aspery had nine children: William, Edward J, Martha, Henry “Harry” M, James Joseph, Thomas, John, Mary, and Sarah T.  William also worked at the Witton Park Ironworks, but after it closed the family moved to Grangetown, Yorkshire, England (another ironworks site).

In 1892, William and Catherine immigrated with their adult children to Sharon, Pennsylvania where William worked as a watchman at Steel Carnegie Works.  Their oldest son, William, had moved to Sharon one year earlier, likely to scout out the area and set up for his parents and siblings. Catherine’s brother Thomas Aspery had moved his family to Mercer County, Pennsylvania at least 15 years earlier along with their sister Phoebe Aspery. Catherine (Aspery) Murphy died 21 January 1902 in Sharon, Pennsylvania of “liver troubles.”  William Murphy died 11 February 1923 in Sharon, Pennsylvania of cardiovascular disease.

William and Catherine’s son, James Joseph Murphy was born around 1876 in Witton, Durham, England.  He came with his family to Pennsylvania when he was 16 years old.

James Joseph Murphy
Margaret Richards

On 17 August 1903, James Joseph Murphy married Margaret Ann Richards in Mahoning County, Ohio.  They had six children: Pearl, Katherine, Elizabeth Anne, James Joseph, Edward, and Margaret.  James Murphy died of typhoid on 30 May 1917, leaving Margaret with 6 young children.

1. Margaret Ann Richards was born in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire North Riding, England on 2 April 1880 to John Richards of England and Ann Williams of Wales. Family lore says Margaret and her older sister Bessie came to America with a step-mother named Elizabeth.  (I believe Margaret and Bessie had three older siblings: Polly, Joseph, and Elizabeth that may have stayed in England)  They settled in Mercer County, Pennsylvania with their father John. Not much is known about Margaret and Bessie’s mother Ann Williams. On September 1908, Margaret’s father, John Richards was struck and killed by a B&O Flyer (train) in Youngstown, Ohio and was buried in Potter’s Field at Oak Hill Cemetery before the family could identify him.  He had been traveling from Youngstown to Greenville, Pennsylvania to visit his daughter Bessie.  Unable to exhume and bury her father in the family plot in Mercer County, Pennsylvania due to the expensive cost, Margaret arranged a special service at his grave.

Margaret married her 2nd husband, James I Paterson on 16 October 1919; they both became naturalized citizens the same year.  James Paterson immigrated to the United States in 1915 from Scotland and was employed at the Owl’s Club as a steward in Youngstown, Ohio. He died of pneumonia a short time later on 4 January 1921 and is buried at Belmont Park Cemetery in Youngstown, Ohio.  Margaret died of pneumonia at the age of 74 on 11 October 1955 and is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Youngstown, Ohio.

Margaret Richards and James Joseph Murphy’s six children:

1.1. Pearl Murphy was born 1902 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania and married Charles Leroy Wigton on 28 February 1927 in Youngstown, OH. They lived at 8 Wells Court in Youngstown, Ohio. Pearl suffered from a stroke around 1957 and consequently suffered from health issues for the remainder of her life. She died 11 years later, on 28 January 1968 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Youngstown, Ohio. Charles Wigton was born 27 September 1895 in Edinburg, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania to Lawrence P Wigton and Elizabeth Shoaf.  He served in the Army during WW1 in a medical unit.  Charles died 14 April 1958 in Youngstown, Ohio.

Charles and Pearl Wigton appear many times in the New Castle News Society section during the 1930’s and 1950’s as attending picnics, visiting family members (especially brother J. Albert Wigton), and attending church functions. Pearl and Charles did not have any children.

1.2. Katherine Murphy was born 15 May 1904 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. She was married to Leo Arnaut and died at the young age of 29 on 11 October 1933 of peritonitis and pneumonia. Katherine is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Youngstown. Leo Arnaut was born 14 January 1898 in Borgone Susa, Italy (formerly Savoy, France) to Venanzio Arnaut and Elvira Marie Falco, both of France. Leo Arnaut died 23 July 1963. Katherine and Leo Arnaut had three children:

1.2.1. Margaret Arnaut was born 7 December 1921 in Youngstown, Ohio and passed away on 20 June 2014 at the age of 92.  She married Owen W Gallaugher on 4 July 1941 in Columbiana, Ohio.  Owen was was born 26 November 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio and passed away 29 April 1995.  He served in the Marine Corps during WW2.  Margaret was nicknamed “Pudgey” at a young age, and that nickname (also “Pudge”) stuck with her throughout life, although I don’t think she was too crazy about it.  Margaret played basketball in an organized women’s league in her younger adult years and later was involved in many bowling leagues, having bowled a 300 score many times.  Margaret and Owen had two children: Patty Ann Gallaugher Diane Katherine Gallaugher

1.2.2. William James Arnaut was born 30 July 1923 in Youngstown, Ohio and died 28 March 1995 in the same city. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II alongside his twin brother Leo. Both brothers received Purple Hearts for wounds received at St. Lo on June 6, 1944 in the D-Day Landings. William married Ruth Louise Haney on 10 September 1949 in Youngstown, Ohio. Ruth was born 17 July 1924 to Terrance Andrew Haney and Mary Ann Seger, both of New Castle, Pennsylvania. She passed away on 6 October 2011.  Ruth and William had six children: William J. Arnaut, Jr. Terrence L Arnaut Cheryl “Angel” Arnaut Thomas P Arnaut Mary Louise Arnaut Lori L Arnaut

1.2.3.  Leo Arnaut, twin brother of William James, was born 30 July 1923 in Youngstown, Ohio and died 2 February 2011 in the same town. Leo married Margaret Beake 16 February 1946 and they had four children. Billy L Arnaut Sharon Lynn Arnaut was born 30 December 1948 and married classmate Gregory Clementi 26 May 1970 and died unexpectedly 12 October 2008. Sharon worked as a nurse for 30 years in Labor and Delivery at Northside Hospital. She also enjoyed playing the organ for her family in her parent’s living room. Sharon and Gregory had three daughters. Margaret Ruth “Peggy” Arnaut Colleen Marie “Tiny” Arnaut

1.3. Elizabeth Murphy was born 30 December 1905 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was intended to marry Charles Robert Duncan, as they were expecting a child. Charles was born 6 October 1901 to Charles A Duncan and Margaret A Rostrom. Elizabeth and Charles never married and Elizabeth gave birth to Katherine Irene Murphy as a single mother. Charles married many years later to Julia M Young and died 18 August 1984.  He is interned at Crown Hill Burial Park in Trumbull, Ohio.  Ike McGinty was the loyal companion of Elizabeth Murphy for over 40 years.  She was known to her grandchildren as “Nana.”  She died 21 April 1989 in Youngstown, Ohio and is buried at Calvary Cemetery.

1.3.1. Katherine Irene “Kate” Murphy was born 17 September 1926 in Youngstown, Ohio and died of cancer on 4 March 1980 in La Jolla, California. Kate married Robert Lee “Bob” Updegraff 15 June 1946 in Youngstown, Ohio. Bob was born 8 December 1919, in New Castle, Pennsylvania to John William and Cametta Marie Hutchinson. Bob served in the U.S. Army Special Operations Group during WW2.  He died 5 September 2008 in Modesto, California and is buried at San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery. Robert Lee “Bobby” Updegraff was born 19 March 1949 in Youngstown and died 30 July 1981 in Los Angeles, California of a brain tumor.  Bobby enjoyed surfing and played the guitar.  He worked for THUMS refinery in Long Beach, California. Elizabeth Lou “Betty” Updegraff lives in Alaska.  Jamie Nickerson lives in Montana  Chad Nickerson Lives in California Barbara Lynn Updegraff married to Hans Pirolt and lives in Georgia.  Barbara and Hans have one daughter: Katie Pirolt (ME!) married to John McCombs and lives in Geneva, Switzerland Daniel Charles Updegraff lives in Northern Ireland. Richard Jay Updegraff born 18 February 1957 in Youngstown and died 26 December 2015 in Rathdrum, Idaho.  Richy loved to surf and listen to David Bowie and Queen.  He was a tinkerer and could fix anything.  He worked in Alaska on the North Slope for five years before moving to Idaho where he started his own painting business. Russell Alan Updegraff lives in California.

1.4. James Joseph Murphy (Jr.) was born 15 March 1908 in Youngstown, Ohio, and died 9 March 1979 of cancer in Youngstown, Ohio.  He worked at United Engineering for 43 years and enjoyed golf and family poker games.  He is buried at Calvary Cemetery.  In 1931, James married  Elizabeth Ann “Betsy” Garthwaite of Youngstown, Ohio.

Betsy was the daughter of John Spafford Garthwaite of Newcastle, Staffordshire, England and Bridget Agnes “Bessie” Moran of Cork, Ireland.  John Garthwaite immigrated to America in April 1911 at the age of 19 with his mother Eliza and younger sisters Annie and Emma.  The family travelled aboard the ship Franconia from Liverpool, England to Boston, Massachusetts.  Bessie Moran was the daughter of Thomas Moran and Catherine Brown.  She immigrated to America in 1913. John Garthwaite and Bessie Moran were married 22 August 1914 in Mahoning County, Ohio.  Their daughter Elizabeth Ann “Betsy” Garthwaite was born 10 April 1915 in Youngstown, Ohio and died 12 February 2004 in Hubbard, Ohio. Betsy and James had four children:

1.4.1. Delores Jean Murphy was born 4 March 1933 and died of cancer on 28 December 1996 in Youngstown, Ohio. She loved playing Bingo and the beaches at Wildwood, New Jersey.  Dolores married Randall A “Duke” Wellington on 5 September 1959.  Duke has served for the last 43 years with the Youngstown Police Department. Dennis James Wellington married to Georgi Lynn Stifos and lives in Colorado.  Theresa Marie Wellington lives in Alabama.  Elizabeth Ann Wellington lives in Iowa.  Sarah Jane Wellington lives in Colorado.

1.4.2. Kathryn Eileen Murphy married Edward Slavin and lives in California.  Edward Slavin lives in California.  James Slavin married to Diana Ortiz and lives in California.

1.4.3. James Edward “Jimmy” Murphy was born 20 July 1936 in Youngstown, Ohio and died 21 May 2009 in Hubbard, Ohio. On 20 April 1956 James married Virginia R Mauerman, daughter of Henry Mauerman and Elizabeth Roberts.  Virginia was born 23 October 1937. James is buried at Hubbard Union Cemetery in Ohio.  James and Virginia had the following children: Matthew Murphy Patricia Murphy Diane L Murphy is married to Mark McAllen. Kathryn Eileen Murphy James Murphy Michael Murphy Debbie Murphy

1.4.4. Thomas Richard “Tommy” Murphy married Patricia Green and died prior to 2004. Tommy and Patricia had three children:  Donald Murphy is married to Andrea Murphy and lives in Ohio.  Amanda Murphy  Ailis Murphy  Andrew Murphy  James Murphy lives in Ohio.  James Murphy, Jr. lives in Kansas.  Thomas Richard Murphy  Tommy Murphy

1.5. Edward Murphy was born 23 June 1910 and died of cancer on 15 October 1992, having lived in Youngstown, Ohio his entire life. Edward was a foreman at Wean United and retired in 1972.  He was a member of the Saint Christine Church and the United Engineering Golf League.  He married Mildred Whitacre on 1 March 1930, daughter of Stephen Whitacre and Mary Nalley.  Mildred was born 19 March 1910 in Dayton, Ohio and died 16 November 1980 of a heart attack.  Edward and Mildred had five children:

1.5.1. Dennis Stephen Murphy
1.5.2. Edward Murphy, Jr. was born 9 November 1934 in Youngstown, Ohio.  Edward attended Ursuline High School and was a machinist and inspector at Wean United for 25 years, retiring in 1976.  His wife, Mary Jane “Janey” Truban, whom he married 4 April 1952 died just 10 years later on 11 July 1962.  Edward died 27 February 1994 of a heart attack.  Edward and Janey had five children. Deborah L Murphy Janey Lynne Murphy was born on 31 December 1957 in Youngstown, Ohio.  She died in Round Rock, Texas on 14 January 2017 after battling cancer. Kathleen A Murphy Christine Murphy was born 22 September 1960 and died 11 January 2018 after battling cancer. Edward Murphy III

1.5.3. Donald Raymond Murphy was born 15 June 1936 in Youngstown, Ohio and died 30 October 1992 of a heart ailment in Norwood, North Carolina.  Donald was a Warrant Officer in the United States Army and served twice in Vietnam.  He was married to Maurgarette Roberts and had two daughters. Donald is buried at Salisbury National Cemetery in North Carolina.  Dawn Murphy  Melanie Murphy 

1.5.4. William Murphy was born 3 December 1937 in Youngstown, Ohio and died 9 January 2000 in Altus, Oklahoma. He married Gereta “Geet” Shipley 12 November 1956 and was a veteran of the United States Air Force having served in Vietnam. After retirement from the military, William became the circulation manager at the Altus Times (Oklahoma) and worked there 18 years until retirement. His hobbies included umpiring little league, playing pool, shuffleboard, yard work, and spending time with his grandchildren. William and Gereta Murphy had four children: Dennis Murphy Robin Murphy Tim Murphy William Murphy

1.5.5. Mildred Elaine Murphy was born 4 November 1939 and died 27 February 2011; a lifelong resident of Youngstown, Ohio. She married George F. “Sonny” Adams on 2 July 1957. Sonny was born 2 December 1938 in Youngstown, Ohio to George F. Adams, Sr. and Mildred Burns. He served in the Navy between 1956 and 1960 and worked for General Motors for 20 years. Sonny died unexpectedly a month after his wife Elaine, on 28 March 2011. Elaine and Sonny had five children: Donald Adams Donna Adams George E. “Sonny” Adams Stephen Adams Susan Adams

1.6. Margaret “Mocky” Murphy was the youngest child of Margaret Richards and James Joseph Murphy. Margaret was born 9 October 1914 in Youngstown, Ohio and died 6 October 1990 of bladder cancer. She married Virgil Paul Leonhart on 11 November 1944. Virgil was the son of Walter Erias Leonhart and Lottie Elizabeth Sponseller, born 2 July 1909 in Chatfield, Ohio and died 18 March 1971 in Mahoning County, Ohio. Margaret and Virgil adopted one daughter:

1.6.1. Lottie Ann Leonhart born 1 February 1949 and died 23 April 2001 in Youngstown, Ohio.

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